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Rampur Ka Elaan is the most popular Daily Urdu newspaper in Rampur. Mr. Mashkoor Ahmad Khan was the Founder and current Chief Editor of the Elaan Group.

It is one of the Rampur oldest Daily Urdu newspaper and established in 1991 by Mashkoor Ahmad Khan. The Daily Rampur Ka Elaan is a widely circulated Urdu newspaper. It is published from Rampur.

Elaan is also one of the largest newspaper in Rampur by circulation around 17000 copies daily publishing in Rampur and all Tehsil & Villages of Rampur. Its headquarter is in Printing House, Rampur. Elaan 1st addition was print on October 19th, 1991 by Mashkoor Ahmad Khan. 

Rampur was traditionally famous for the knives known as Rampuri Chaaku.

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